Hunton Sarket – Sheathing and Sarking Board

Applications:  Vapour open, external sheathing board for use on timber framed roofs and walls

Product Benefits:

  • Excellent insulation qualities, reduces thermal bridging 
  • Enhanced water vapour transfer
  • Acts as temporary weather protection during the construction phase
  • Effectively seals the structure against wind, dust, moisture and sound
  • Reduced waste as board joints do not need to land on studs or rafters
  • Contributes to a healthier internal climate
  • Ecologically and environmentally friendly, recyclable
  • manufactured from woodfibres
  • CE Marked

Bitroc Board Specification

Thickness 18mm
Board Size 2420 x 595 mm
Edge Profile Tongue & Groove
Weight 4.8 kg/m²
Thermal Conductivity 0.05 W/mK
Water vapour resistance 1,82MNs/g
Sheets per Pallet 100