Spruce GL24 and GL28 Industrial Grade Edge binders, rim boards, head plates, cripple and flyby studs. Used in timber frame and engineered timber floor applications, in depths to suit proprietary systems.

Product Benefits:

  • Glue laminated beams for a variety of applications.
  • Available in two grades: GL24 and GL28.
  • Available in a wide range of depths to suit proprietary I-Beam and metal web systems.
  • UK based stocks in depths of 245mm and 300mm
  • Short lead times.
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Easily cut using traditional wood working tools.
  • High Compression strength for edge binder or rim board applications.


Panelam® is manufactured using lamellas of stress graded spruce which are glued together under pressure using Melamine Urea Fomaldehyde adhesive.

Available in standard lengths of 12,000mm cut sizes are also available.

The beams are pack wrapped but individual wrapping is also available on request.