Panelvent DHF


13mm sheathing board to provide racking and enhanced vapour transfer for timber frame and conventional construction.


Panelvent DHF is a 13mm square edged sheathing board designed to replace OSB and plywood as an external lining board. With market leading water vapour resistance values, this board allows the designer the freedom to design breathing structures, free of the risks of interstitial condensation.

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Product Specification

Board Standard Moisture resistant glued wood Fibreboard to Z-9.1-454 and BS EN 622-5
Certification CE marked
Thickness  13.0mm
Standard Size
2400mm x 1200mm square edged.
 625 (+/- 25) Kg/m3 to BS EN323.
Weight 8.13 Kg/m2
Bending Strength
17.0 N/mm2 to BS EN310
2000 N/mm2 to BS EN310
Tensile Strength
11.7 N/mm2 to BS EN 789
Transverse Internal bond
0.30 N/mm2 to BS EN 319
Internal bond after boiling
0.06 N/mm2 to BS EN 622-5 AA
Racking Category
3.21kn/m Category 1 to BS5268 pt 6.1.
Mean Water Vapour Resistance
0.715 MNs/g BS EN 12086 using wet cup
Thermal conductivity
 0.10 W/mK to BS EN12667
Extractable formaldehyde
Class E1, ≤ 0.03 ppm to BS EN717-1
Thickness Swelling
≤ 6.50% after 24 hours immersion to BS EN317
Fire Rating Class D-s2,d0 to BS EN 13501-1, Class 3 spread of flame to BS476:7
50 sheets per pallet