We are able to offer high quality Belgian chipboard and Dutch flaxboard for delivery to the U.K. in full and mixed trailer loads.


This is available in standard grade (P1), furniture grade (P2) and moisture resistant board (P3).

We can also offer a flooring grade board (P4) but only in a square edged format.

The glue used complies with the E1 emissions regulations.

Standard Chipboard Sizes:

  • Thickness - 8mm up to 25mm
  • Widths - 1220mm & 1830mm
  • Lengths - 2440mm, 2745mm and 3050mm

Please note that cut sizes are also available subject to specification.

Paper Foiled Chipboard Sizes:

  • Thickness - Up to 38mm
  • Widths - 600 to 1300mm
  • Lengths - 1000 to 4000mm
  • Paper Foil - From 23 gram up to 120 gram



This is manufactured from flax chives which would otherwise be of no commercial value.

It is a lightweight board (350 up to 550 kgs. per m3) and has natural characteristics which aid fire resistance.

This characteristic makes Flaxboard a natural choice for fire resistant door cores.

Standard Flaxboard Sizes

  • Thickness - 12mm up to 50mm
  • Widths - 1220mm
  • Length - 2440mm