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BUILDAKIT UK Use Panelvent In Innovative SIPS Panels

Buildakit UK are leaders in offsite timber frame manufacturing. Specialising in the design, fabrication and installation of structurally insulated timber frame panel systems engineered for Architects, Builders, Self-Builders and residential developers. They have used Panelvent as the external sheathing board on their vapour open SIPs design which also utilises wood fibre insulation. Further benefits of using such an innovative offsite panel system is the ability make a significant contribution to locking up CO2 within the building for 60 – 100 years plus.

Using the latest software and cutting-edge technology Buildakit’s highly experienced team are developing modern methods of construction [MMC] that will deliver quality, cost effective faster builds, saving time and money. Their innovative closed panel system is a robust and effective solution to achieving high levels of fabric performance in thermally efficient eco homes and buildings. Panelvent is an integral part of that system.

Notable projects using this MMC would include the Sheepridge Passive House for architect Jane Simpson’s personal property.

Panelvent 01
Panelvent 02
Panelvent 03
Panelvent 04