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Extreme Lift Services Use C+/C Ext FSC Elliotis Pine Plywood CE 2+for Temporary Lift Linings

Elliottis Pine Plywood supplied by Panel Agency Limited to its customer Extreme Lift Services Ltd is used at one of the landmark office towers at Canary Wharf. The building is undergoing extensive refurbishment works and the lifts are currently being used by building contractors to enable employees/contactors and materials to be transferred accordingly.

Protection panelling is being fitted to each of the Goods lifts to protect the interiors whilst works are carried out. This keeps lift “down time,” to a minimum and reduces any potential damage to the lift car interiors.

Plywood is used by this specialist contractor in various elements of their works as follows:

  • Site Hoardings (Bespoke to each site accordingly).
  • In Lift Car Protection Panelling.
  • Core panels to Stainless Steel Bump Rails and in Lift Car Skirting Panels.

Plywood has the advantages of: being durable; low risk of splinters; easy to machine and cut and lightweight to instal. For more information on our plywood options please contact us.

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