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At Panel Agency we have a long history of supplying glulam beams for use in bespoke projects and it was great to receive these photos from one of our customers New World Timber Frame. The majority of our glulam projects call for regular beams, so we always get a bit excited when a customer approaches us with a request for pre-curved beams.

This particular conservatory project in Horningsea, Cambridgeshire was designed by Verve Architects Ltd and combines glulam posts and beams with a series of 65mm x 135mm curved rafters. The curved rafters, combined with the pitched side elevation have produced a fan like structure with a shape that gives an impression of being more complex than the sum of its parts. Each part was individually designed and machined to suit. The ends of the beams where machined to give a more slender eaves profile and a plywood stressed skin deck provides the required bracing.